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Self-Driving Floor Scrubber (iSmart)

Self-Driving Floor Scrubber
iSmart Self-Driving Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

Item Unit Content
Velocity m/s Max 1.3
Charging time H 4-6
Battery life H 6-10
Cleaning efficiency 15,000
Noise level dB(A) 68
Cleanable width mm 560
Squeegee width mm 750
Clean Water tank capacity L 45
Sewage tank capacity L 50
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 1100*780*1160
Weight kg 240

Self-Driving Floor Scrubber General specifications
Forward speed Max:1.3m/s
Battery Voltage (V) 48
Usage scenario indoor
Temperature range 0~50 ℃
humidity range 0~80%
Cleaning, washing and sucking support
Water level reminder support
Self-Driving Floor Scrubber Walking and navigation
Drive mode Two wheels with different velocity
Navigation accuracy ±2.5cm
Space drawing support
Emergency stop support
Point-to-point navigation support
Intelligent path planing support
Obstacle avoiding method Laser& ultrasonic
obstacle avoidance
Self-Driving Floor Scrubber Human-Computer Interaction(back screen operation)
Separate operation for supervisor and user support
Multiple automated tasks support
Manual &automatic control switch support
Multiple maps support
Set forward speed support
Separately control each cleaning function support
Switch of front electric control support
Show the current task on automatic mode support
Dynamic display icon support
Intelligent alert support
Self-Driving Floor Scrubber Multimedia advertising machine
Custom ad mode support
Schedule advertisement display support
Continuous advertisement display support
Advertising customization support

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