Review HOSFAIR Guangzhou-iClean self-driving floor scrubber captured attention

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Review HOSFAIR Guangzhou-iClean self-driving floor scrubber captured attention

brief introduction:

On March 18, HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2018 ended after three days show.


On March 18, HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2018 ended after three days show. The exhibition had 8 areas with various themes: desktop supplies area, cleaning supplies area, hotel lobby supplies area, kitchen supplies area, food and drink area, room supplies area, hotel furniture supplies area, intelligent product area. Covering an area of 350 thousand square kilometers, The show gathered more than 4,200 top exhibitors from all over the world, bringing diverse brands and products to the scene. HOSFAIR provides a professional and broad stage for Chinese hotel supplies firms and promotes Chinese trade exporting.


As a leading firm specializing in self-driving cleaning robots, iClean launched the brand new product in the fair: iSmart V1。5。0 interactive media cleaning robot。 Additionally, iClean provides corresponding cleaning methods for various occasions based on artificial technology, IoT, big data, cloud computing, etc, which makes iClean’ s booth so spectacular in the fair, attracting countless purchasing agents, commission agents。 


As a core product in iClean family, iSmart V1。5。0 interactive media cleaning robot is upgraded both in appearance and performance。 iSmart V1。5。0 is capable to instantly draw a map for 150 meters around。 Additionally, it is equipped with a triple maintenance and operation platform and huge 560mm rolling brushes, making it more efficient, more intelligence and safer than peers。


  At this stage, traditional floor cleaning depends the combination of human resource and machines. With a low efficiency, high cost, using traditional method needs is hard to monitor the process and stage of cleaning. Moreover, the location and current battery level information of the machine and people can not be sent to managers and supervisors automatically; Scheduling Problem is a trouble.

In view of the problems above, Based on Iot, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, iClean not only presents a cleaning robot with advertisement display function and solutions for public space cleaning, but cleaning methods for different places。


Seeing the irritable scene atmosphere, iClean is inspired and will not forget the original intention to produce the best cleaning machine to the public. 


Friends, choosing iClean gains both happiness and benefit. iClean hopes to have a win-win cooperation with you.


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