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Retail Cleaning Solution

Retail Cleaning Solution

Consumers pay more and more attention to the cleanliness of shopping environment, which is one of the key factors to attract them to patronize again。 Employees at all levels of supermarkets must have a deep understanding of the importance of environmental hygiene and strive to create a good shopping environment in order to enhance the clean image of supermarkets and promote sales growth and customer loyalty。

Site state

1. Frequent personnel exchanges, large passenger flow, ground dirt is mostly foot dust and a small amount of oil.

2。 Traditional operation arrangements often need to be flexibly grasped according to the actual situation。 For example, when there are fewer customers, the floor should be wiped tightly; when the customers are crowded, only the corner wiping can be carried out。

3。 When cleaning, we should pay great attention to the fact that tools such as broomsticks and mops can not collision customers, affect customers'roaming, and can not arouse customers' disgust。

Thorough cleaning can only be arranged at night, cleaning personnel should take the initiative to cooperate with security staff, not acting alone.

4.Daily cleaning can be divided into three sections: before, during and after business closure.


1. iSmart interactive media cleaning robot can be selected for cleaning municipal squares. The area of one-time full-power cleaning can reach 16,000 square meters, which is 4-6 times that of manual cleaning. 

2. iBin interactive media receiving robot acts as the mobile trash bin of retail site through integrated functions such as autonomous navigation, real-time positioning, safety avoidance, odor detection and so on.

3. Scientific, normalized operation platform and roboticists team assist to bulid a nomative management system for the retail.

4。 With two large display screens, iSmart interactive media cleaning comes standard with schedule advertising, continuous advertising and advertisement customation。 Robots can work while introducing promotional products to customers, thereby improving the efficiency of on-site service and promoting sales growth。

5. With a laser sensor, iSmart interactive media cleaning robot improves the detecting ability. Additionaly, smog, human body and odor detector help to find abnormal problem and slove it as early as possible.

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