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Property Cleaning Solution

Property Cleaning Solution

Modern property includes a variety of forms, such as office buildings, commercial buildings, residential areas, villas, industrial parks, logistics warehouses and other forms. According to the different use functions, property can be divided into the following five categories: residential, commercial, industrial, government and other properties. The management and cleaning requirements with different functions have different contents and specifications.

The healthy development of property cleaning is conducive to improving the living environment of the people and the external image of the city。 Property cleaning plays an important role in urban management。 It has an important impact on guiding residents to pay attention to living environment, saving social resources, protecting municipal facilities and improving the quality of human settlements。


1. iSmart interactive media cleaning robot carry out the integrated cleaning of scrubbing, swepping, sterilization and disinfection, which is not limited by the working time. One equipment is equivalent to 4-6 manpower investment.

2. iBin interactive media receiving robot acts as the mobile trash bin of property site through integrated functions such as autonomous navigation, real-time positioning, safety avoidance, odor detection and so on.

3。 Scientific, normalized operation platform and roboticists team assist to bulid a nomative management system for the property。

4. With two large display screens, iSmart interactive media cleaning comes standard with schedule advertising, continuous advertising and advertisement customation. Robots can work while conducting environmental protection information to owners to improve the quality of human settlements.

5. With a laser sensor, iSmart interactive media cleaning robot improves the detecting ability. Additionaly, smog, human body and odor detector help to find abnormal problem and slove it as early as possible.

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