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Municipal Sanitation Cleaning Solution

Municipal Sanitation Cleaning Solution

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Previously, before entering the mechanical era, the road cleaning work of urban streets and alleys relied entirely on manual cleaning. Cleaning tools were simple such as broom and dustpan. The work intensity was high, the sanitation conditions were poor, and the road cleaning operation took a long time, and the cleaning effect was not satisfactory. With the rapid development of urbanization, it is no longer suitable to rely on manual cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the municipal environment.

Such places as public municipal squares/pedestrian streets have a variety of ground materials and a large flow of people。 At present, they are mainly operated by human resources without affecting pedestrians。 However, the large area of the ground is clean, and the efficiency of human resources alone is not high enough to create a good public environment。


iSmart interactive media cleaning robot can be selected for cleaning municipal squares. The area of one-time full-power cleaning can reach 16,000 square meters, which is 4-6 times that of manual cleaning. For the large pedestrian street area and large traffic environment of the squares, it can be cleaned in a short time, and it is safe to avoid pedestrians, quiet and effective.

Multimedia Advertising

iSmart interactive media cleaning robot carries two large-scale display screens, supporting fixed-point advertising, cruise advertising, advertising customization and so on. In public squares and pedestrian streets, it can serve as a powerful propaganda window for the construction of spiritual civilization, and become a mobile advertising resource for surrounding businesses.

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