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Intelligent Manufacturing Cleaning Solution

Intelligent Manufacturing Cleaning Solution

Operations and Maintenance Platform:

Operations and Maintenance Platform is a remote robot management system that allows you to manage robots in your office.

1. Using the Internet of Things technology, you can get the status and information of your robots through the cloud link, and show them to you in the form of a website. You can know the status of all robots in the office.

2. Understand the status of each robot, whether it needs to be maintained, whether it falls into abnormality, and whether there is an alarm.

3. Understand the progress of each robot task completion, task execution efficiency, analysis and help you plan cleaning tasks more reasonably.

4. Setting up the navigation map used by the robot remotely can download the map of any robot and send it in batches.

5. Remote planning robot task execution time, region, route, content, and so on, and can be released in batches, one-key deployment.

6.View the current content of robot advertisements, set up the content and time of advertisements, and create a stronger visual effect.

On-site control:

You can remotely control and configure your machine through a field controller without using a laptop or close-up operation.

1。 Using wireless transmission design, the robot can be remotely controlled to walk within a certain distance。

2。 Scanning tools can display real-time location of robots in maps and environmental scanning information of robots, help you control robots or determine the location of robots。

3. A map scanning robot can be remotely controlled by a scanning tool. The scanning results are fed back to the screen in real time. Wherever they go, they can be presented.

4。 Task configuration tools can be used to configure task time, route, content and so on, and route fine-tuning tools can help you precisely configure the robot working route。

5. Tasks can be saved in the robot only once, and the next time they are used, they can be started with a single click of "Start".

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