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Hospital & School Cleaning Solution

Hospital & School Cleaning Solution

1. Hospital, a heaven for germs, witnesses life and death. Therefore, a clean and healthy environment are more fancied by doctors and patients.

In order to create a clean, beautiful, comfortable and safe ideal environment for teachers and students, cleaning work plays a very important role. It can keep the campus clean, comfortable, elegant and pleasant at all times. In the overall construction area of the school, the public area accounts for about 30 percent, cleaning work has naturally become an important part of the school logistics management.

iClean, a leading global interactive media cleaning robot provider, produce advanced all-in-one robots with floor washing, sweeping, mopping and disinfect function。 Addtionally, the robot mops up pollutants and bacterias to keep a clean and safe environment through the alarm detector。

2. Scientific management and operation

Scientific, normalized operation platform and roboticists team assist to bulid a nomative management system for the hospital and school。

3. A mobile information display platform helps to enhance service efficiency in the hospital.

With two large display screens, iSmart interactive media cleaning comes standard with schedule advertising, continuous advertising and advertisement customation。 Which enables it work and Convey information simultaneously to doctors and patients and achiceve higher service efficiency。

4. Enhance security.

With a laser sensor, iSmart interactive media cleaning robot improves the detecting ability。 Additionaly, smog, human body and odor detector help to find abnormal problem and slove it as early as possible。

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